Tablet Food

Available in 50g & 150g

  • The ideal food for bottom feeding fish such as catfish, loaches, plecostomus and barbs
  • Specially formulated to promote health, easy digestion and long life
  • Contains natural ingredients to promote your fishes health including Beta Glucans, garlic and omega 3 oils
  • Easily digested and less waste to promote clear water

Feeding Instructions

Feed 2 – 3 times each day on as many tablets as your fish will consume within 5 minutes.

Technical Details


Protein 40%, Oil 7%, Fibre 4%, Moisture 12%, Ash 8%.


Vitamin A 25,000 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 1,500 IU/kg, Vitamin E 80mg/kg, Vitamin C 300mg/kg


Vegetable protein extracts, fish and fish derivatives, cereals, yeasts, algae, vegetables molluscs and crustaceans, oils and fats, lecithin, antioxidants and colourants.


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