Ask The Expert

Dr David Pool is the founder of FishScience.

‘I have been involved in the world of fish for over 45 years, initially as a fish keeper, but then making my hobby into a career.’

His background and experience puts him in a great position to understand fish and fishkeepers – and to ensure that the products and service that FishScience offers is exactly what they require.

David has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on fish and fish keeping and has decided to share it here. If you have any questions you feel need answering and sharing please contact us.

David also shares his knowledge daily on Twitter using the FishScience Twitter Hashtag #TipOfTheDay


  • Goldfish
  • Pond
  • Tropical
  • Vegetable gardening and algae control

    Growing watercress in your pond can provide a great source of this popular food throughout the summer as well as helping to control unsightly algae. Watercress grows quickly and, in doing so, uses lot...
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    When should I use Pond flake?

    Pond Flakes are a great food for smaller pond fish. A good quality pond flake will have all of the nutrients that these smaller fish require to thrive and grow, but in a size that they can easily cons...
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    Fish Colouration

    The colouration and patterns of the fish that we keep in our aquaria are in many cases, the things that attract people into the hobby of fishkeeping. For enthusiasts who show fish, these two factors a...
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    What is wrong with my fish?

    The majority of fish keepers will experience problems with unhealthy fish at some stage. Sometimes the cause of the poor health is obvious and it is relatively easy to treat the fish. However it can a...
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    What is wrong with my water?

    The importance of good water quality in an aquarium cannot be stressed too greatly. Fish and plants are completely surrounded by the water, therefore any harmful compounds or sudden changes in the wat...
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