Ask The Expert

Dr David Pool is the founder of FishScience.

‘I have been involved in the world of fish for over 45 years, initially as a fish keeper, but then making my hobby into a career.’

His background and experience puts him in a great position to understand fish and fishkeepers – and to ensure that the products and service that FishScience offers is exactly what they require.

David has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on fish and fish keeping and has decided to share it here. If you have any questions you feel need answering and sharing please contact us.

David also shares his knowledge daily on Twitter using the FishScience Twitter Hashtag #TipOfTheDay


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  • How much should I feed my fish?

    This is a difficult question to give an exact answer to as the amount to feed will depend on how many fish you have, how big they are, what the water temperature is, when they were last fed etc. ...
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    How should I store pond food

    Pond foods will have a best before date on the packaging. For FishScience food sticks this is 18 months from the date of manufacture, for the flakes it is 36 months. Once opened the foods should be ke...
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    What causes Summer water losses?

    During hot spells of weather large quantities of water can be lost from a pond due to evaporation. This can be up to 10cm per week in exceptional conditions. It is best to replace the evaporated water...
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